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  • Enough Rhetorics! Here is a perk of becoming a patron! 

    As a special perk, for a patron who makes more than $20,

    a monthly donation will get the exclusive password for accessing deleted scenes (The scenes that could not make it to the final cut).

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    Shingon Buddhism

    Goma Ritual

    One of the Shingon Buddhism Goma Rituals was removed from the movie. This Goma Ritual was performed by several monks and priests. Not only do we hear chanting and see mudras but also accompanied with several musical instruments including taiko drums. It's a must seen scene but removed because it did not contribute the overall arch of the story.

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    Master Kourin Saito

    Devoting to busshi life

    This is a rare and intriguing scene of Master Saito and Seki are drinking and discussing apprenticeship and art of būshi in general. Unfortunately, this scene couldn't make it to the final cut.

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    Tokujoji Chief Priest Suzuki

    Insight into a Shingon Temple

    Only few interview voiceover of Chief Priest Suzuki made it to the final cut. The talks about his temple, Shigon, Buddhas, bodhisattvas, wisdom kings, celestial beings, Goma Ritual and extra could not make it to the final cut. Here, you will have more opportunities to learn about the Shigon tradition.

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    Apprentice Interviews

    Yonezawa, Kikuchi, Aoki, Fukumoto, Hirahara

    Apprentice Interviews could not make it to the Final Cut because I believed showing actions will tell a lot more than their formal interviews. Nevertheless, the interviews give you good background information of why they decided to pursue the art of busshi

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    Byakui Kannon

    Buddhist Sculptures beyond academic study

    The story behind the Byakui Kannon (Referred as Surrogate Kannon in the scene) could not make it to the final cut. But, you will learn how an ordinary temple of Japan assigns the meaning of statues beyond the meaning of scholarship.

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    Woodcarving Society of Japan


    The Opening Ceremony

    Master Seki established the Woodcarving Society of Japan to rejuvenate the Japanese woodcarving industry. His goal is to protect and preserve the future generation of Japanese woodcarvers. This is the opening ceremony of this organization.

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    Why Smiling Enma?

    A Dialogue with Chief Priest, Nakajima.

    There is a deleted scene of Enma Episode. Here, Chief Priest talks details on why he is so passionate about making a smiling Enma. Unfortunately, this scene couldn't make it to the final cut but this is another interesting insight on the story behind the smiling Enma.

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    Another New Apprentice

    The story of Jozaki

    The initiation interview of the new apprentice Jozaki and his welcome party were deleted because they couldn't fit anywhere in the story. But, you will learn the story of another apprentice who decided to devote his life to the art of busshi.

  • And more!

    Carving the Divine has not had the world premiere. This means I cannot release the final cut to the public. The best I can do is to privately share the deleted scenes that could not make it to the final cut through the password protected private link. Your donation will be spent on promoting Carving the Divine so that the more people will know about the movie and the film will be taken more seriously.

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