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    Carving the Divine Official Website

    This is our main page where you can learn details about the documentary movie, Carving the Divine, and the director Yujiro Seki.



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    Carving the Divine TV

    Hosted by filmmaker Yujiro Seki, Carving the Divine TV is a series of Q&A sessions with Buddhist scholars and practitioners. These Q&A sessions explore the basic concepts of Buddhism and the history of Buddhism so that when viewers finally watch Carving the Divine they will get the maximum value of the documentary.



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    A blog dedicated to Japanese Buddhist sculpture appreciation

    Chief blogger & sculptor David Bilbrey and guests take the readers to the world of Butsuzō (Japanese Buddhist statuary). Our blog is designed to educate and excite the general public about why and how Japanese Buddhist sculptures matter, both culturally and artistically. When viewers finally watch Carving the Divine, they will have a foundation for enjoying the documentary at maximum value.



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    Along with receiving regular up-to-date information about Carving the Divine, you will receive several daily inspirational Buddhist quotes to start your day! Twitter has been one of the most instrumental tools to spread information about Carving the Divine. I have connected to so many supporters from this medium. So if you haven't followed Carving the Divine Twitter please do it today! You won't regret!



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    Make sure to like and follow our Facebook page! Not only do we share an article about the history of busshi(būshi) every Wednesday, but you can also follow the life of Filmmaker Yujiro Seki,the updates of Carving the Divine, our blog Butsuzōtion and much more! If you want to learn more about this tradition there is no better place to start!



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    Carving the Divine is one heck of unique documentary and so is its Instagram. In addition to regular posts of Japanese Buddhist sculptures and other Buddhist arts, you will see inspirational Buddhist related quotes as well as the glimpses of the Director Yujiro Seki's filmmaking life. Yuji is essentially a visual artist and his Instagram is set up in the way that should virtually make sense. Come and join our Instagram and enjoy regular posts of Carving the Divine and The Yuji World!



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    Please Support Yuji and his magnificent film, Carving the Divine.

    Our next step is to promote Carving the Divine so that it will be taken seriously. In the 21st century, we can’t ignore the power of digital marketing and social media. Yuji will diligently work on this front with the help of an expert. This is a monthly expense and it is a challenge for a starving filmmaker to come up with that money to keep the operation going. For just the price of a cup of coffee, you can become a patron and support the future of Carving the Divine. Thank you!