What is Carving The Divine about?

    Carving the Divine offers a rare and intimate look into the life and artistic process of modern-day Busshi – practitioners of a 1400 year lineage of woodcarving at the beating heart of Japanese, Mahayana Buddhism.

  • "Carving the Divine is more than a movie about amazing wood sculptors of Japan. To me, the movie is about the Master-Apprentice, or the Master-Disciple relationship, and how this is still being transmitted in the traditional manner.....stern, but yet ultimately kind, in training the apprentice to be a true artist in both skill and spirit."


    Rev. Marvin Harada


    The Bishop and Co-Director,

    Center for Buddhist Education

    Buddhist Churches of America

  • Meet Our Invincible Creative Team...

    Yujiro Seki

    Award-winning Director, Cinematographer, Editor,

    Dialogue Translator, Writer, and Producer

    Anthony Capitan

    Story and Subtitle Editor

    Nicholas Pike

    Emmy Award-winning Hollywood composer

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